Health and Safety newsflash

Issues Date Contents
Bulletin 1 September 2000 Scaffolding Inspection, LOLER regs, Don't look up It could come your way!!!
Bulletin 2 February 2001 Guidance on Confined Spaces Legislation, Problems specific to Stack Emission Monitoring, Suitable Guidance
Bulletin 3 July 2001 TOXIC Blue Indicator in Silica Gel, Operator Monitoring Assessment, FOOD for THOUGHT, Summary of Stack Monitoring Fatal-Accident Enquiry, The findings of the official investigations, Implications for STA members
Bulletin 4 April 2002

Are you using knots, when lifting equipment? Do you know the dangers?, insurance -working at heights, Health surveillance, Transport of gas cylinders

Bulletin 5 November 2002 SCAFFOLDING-Unknown dangers When is scaffolding safe, CARBON MONOXIDE-The Hidden Killer, SAFER Driving at Work, The Risks of Occupational Driving
Bulletin 6 October 2003 WHY oh WHY do you still do it!!!!!!, lightening can strike stack testers
Bulletin 7 May 2009

WHY oh WHY do you still do it!!!!!!