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Water Monitoring Assocation is a division of the STA


On site audits, Checking SSPs and Reports UK Regulation

Industrial processes in the UK are divided into three categories A1, A2 and Part B. A1 is regulated by the Environment Agency, A2 and Part B are regulated by local Authorities.

Envionment Agency

Environment Agency Regulations visit

Access to Permits Requirement on Operators to provide Permits to monitoring contactors.

Monitoring locations and facilities

EA Audit forms for manual stack emissions monitoringOn site audits, Checking SSPs and Reports

EA Documents for Comment

Industrial Emissions Directives

BS EN14181 Quality Assurance of AMS

Online Isokinetic Training Course

STA Questionnaire on platform inspections

The Categorisation of Volatile Organic Compounds


All regulations are underpinned by a number of European and International Standards and in the UK a series of Method Implementation Documents (MIDs) have been produced by the Environment Agency in collaboration with the STA.


Local Authorities receive guidance from DEFRA click here for more details.