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Incident Type Date Industry Description of accident (if available)
Fall from platform Fatality 1997 Emission Monitoring Stack Tester was lifting equipment through gantry floor and pulled himself through and fell approx. 15metre
Gas exposure Hospitalisation 1998 Emission Monitoring Ammonia gas was emitted through sample ports during a process disturbance both team members were taken to hospital.
Fall through fragile roof Hospital treatment 2000 Emission Monitoring Fall through crematoria roof
Scaffold collapse Near miss / Equipment damaged 2000 Emission Monitoring 10mtere scaffolding collapsed causing over £70K damage to equipment. Scaffolding although scaff-tagged was not tied into the stack.
CO exposure at steel works Near miss 2000 Emission Monitoring Control room did not know a stack team were in the location when dust catcher was dropped flooding are with large amounts of CO gas. Would have been fatal but for the quick reactions of the team leader.
Steam release by sampling platform Near miss 2000 Emission Monitoring  
Fall from ladder Hospitalisation 2000    
Fall through platform Fatality 2000   USA, Very experienced manger of a large stack team was de-icing a platform when the floor gave way and he fell 40meters to his death.
CO exposure Near miss 2001    
Handrail collapse Near miss 2001    
Lightning strike Near miss 2003 Emission Monitoring Stack team up on platform when platform was struck by lightning.
Glassware dropped from platform Near miss 2003 Emission Monitoring  
Scaffold ladder breakage Near miss 2004    
Gas cylinder fall from van Slight injury 2004 Emission Monitoring  
Fall from Cherry Picker Fatality 2007 Emission Monitoring Italy- a stack team was on an extended cherry picker when it toppled over killing one team member and hospitalising the other.
CO Exposure/Low Oxygen Near miss 2007    
Fall with safety harness Major Injury 2008 Construction Safety harness not fitted correctly when person fell caused significant injury requiring major surgery
Falling Object Miner Injury to head 2010 Emission Monitoring  
Fall from cherry picker Major Injury 2010 Construction An operative fell from a cherry picker basket a distance of 6-8 meters on to a transformer building roof. If he fell out from the other side of the basket the drop would have been 20 m. 
The operative was undertaking work to patch up girder paint work ready for the outside cladding to be fixed. 
The driver noticed that his co-worker had fallen out of the basket on to the roof below
Collapse of lifting system Near miss 2012 Process Cleaning and waste materials, tools and equipment were being lowered to ground from the fourth level stack platform. The contractors had already lowered to ground four times without incident when the hoist chain snapped and the load fell around fifty feet. Two people were working at the base of the stack, near the drop zone when the load fell.
Failure of vertical ladder gate Near miss 2013 Process Whilst investigating a plant issue, a member of the operations team climbed the vertical ladder to HRSG21's blow down vessel upper drain platform. As he reached the top of the ladder and grabbed hold of the gate to push it open, the gate came away from its hinged point, the employee then started to fall backwards but was stopped by the still attached gate spring fully extending and grabbing hold of the circular hooped framework around the top of the ladder. The crimped joint in the gate had been forced apart by ice, this in turn had forced the top hinge out of it housing and therefore was only held in by friction on the bottom hinge. The employee was not injured in the event
Failure of lifting equipment Near miss 2012 Emission Monitoring The rope used for hauling equipment to the chimney platform came out of the hauling device (Petzl Protraxion) whilst equipment was being unclipped at platform. The rope fell to the ground, nobody was hit.
Equipment fall Near miss 2013 Emission Monitoring  

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