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The Work at Height Regulations 2005 stipulates that new and existing platforms must be subjected to a baseline survey. Platforms should then be subjected to periodic surveys and further inspections prior-to-use. I

The StackTAG has been carefully designed to ensure that persons using a platform can clearly identify its survey/inspection history.

Baseline survey.

For new platforms, the baseline survey is to be carried out after installation but before use. This is, in effect, a commissioning survey. In the case of an existing platform, a baseline survey should be carried out at the earliest opportunity by a suitably competent person (e.g. a Structural Engineer). He or she will report on the platform’s current condition and whether it meets the appropriate specification (refer to STA guidance note WAH 001 for more information). The baseline survey should also state what acceptance criteria should be used for checking that the basic specification continues to be met during future surveys/inspections.

Periodic Surveys.

These are to be carried out at prescribed intervals. The frequency of periodic surveys should be risk-based, taking into account the current condition of the platform, deterioration risk-factors and other issues. The frequency of inspection shall be determined by a competent person (e.g. a Structural Engineer). Further guidance is given in STA guidance note WAH 001.

Prior-to-use inspections.

These are to be carried out within SEVEN days prior to use (if the platform is one from which a person could fall more than two metres).

This inspection has to be carried out by a competent person; however, this could be a member of a site’s own staff who has received suitable and sufficient training from a Structural Engineer on the scope and conduct of prior-to-use inspections. Details of this training shall be formally documented.


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StackTAG Prices

Part No


Unit Price


StackTAG insert

£ 1.90

OTH 17

StackTAG holder

£ 5.90


StackTAG pen

£ 0.60

StackTAG kits


Single StackTAG kit*

£ 9.00


Five StackTAG kits*


The above prices do not include VAT or postage and packing. Approximate p&p costs are as follows:

StackTAG1 kit    £1.40

StackTAG5 kit    £3.50

Prices are subject to a 10% discount if payment is received within 30 days or by credit card.

*Kit comprises - 2 inserts, 1 holder and 1 pen

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